Los Angeles Artists Census Presentation and Community Meeting

Monday, November 5th
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)

Los Angeles Artist Census addresses the lack of knowledge of the life of working artists in Los Angeles. This research project proposal involves collecting basic financial data on LA-based artists to gain a better understanding of need versus resources-available to artists in the city.

Modeled after the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, which collects data on people in the US to determine how federal and state funds are distributed each year, the LA Artist Census will provide much needed statistical information on the quality of life of artists living in Los Angeles. The data will include information like total debt, debt from student loans, monthly income and expenses, and employment status. Statistics and data that are collected will be compiled, published, and made available to artists and local institutions.

Los Angeles Artist Census will take the form of an online application and will be promoted as a community-wide endeavor through local art institutions as well as through word of mouth. 

This project is responding to the expanding art scene in Los Angeles and the subsequent need for more unrestricted financial support for individual artists in the city. It aspires to bring attention to the needs of emerging contemporary artists while critiquing and reimagining existing systems of power, particularly through funding, in the art world. This project hopes to foster community and self-empowerment amongst artists whilst creating a public dialog about these issues.

Please join artist and founder of bar-fund, Tatiana Vahan at LACA for an open discussion on her research project proposal for an art community-wide census. This meeting is a presentation, an open discussion, and a call to action for those who would like to co-organize or get involved.

Los Angeles Artist Census is a project of Fulcrum Arts’ Emerge fiscal sponsorship program. 

Los Angeles Artist Census is a project of Fulcrum Arts’ Emerge fiscal sponsorship program.