maybe all of us at once

| reading event |

For the 24 hours proceeding the public event, 12 artists-writers will be gathered together inside LACA writing new original pieces. Please come to hear and witness our unprocessed and unrehearsed words.

Carol Cheh
Charisse Pearlina Weston
D. Hill
Jay Erker
Kim Ye
Kim Zumpfe
Lara Salmon
Minty ( Matt Savitsky )
Meital Yaniv
Veronique d'Entremont

Have you ever meditated without setting an alarm?  Time...

We choose how to build time in each moment, between a lived experience and a written one, Imagine you don’t need to choose, Imagine you are being offered an opportunity to shatter time.

Time to leave and come back, time to never leave, time to stay, time away, time with us, no one is counting, we don’t need to know when, when we will sleep, when we will laugh, or how it will end, we will listen when time says its time. How would you use your time if memories could be used as a currency to circulate different time, better time? Time…

Time to hold your breath in my mouth without the need to swallow or release, time to write letters never sent, to be read in the midst of intimate strangers, time to float in the air between rehearsal and performance, without knowing how to move or be still, without knowing how to look or look away

How many balloons fly up in the airport-welcoming hall by accident, a string slips from a hand longing for embrace, how long do you think the balloons stay against the ceiling, is it a natural death, do they collapse and fall one by one, or is it someone’s job to climb up and bring them back to the ground every time? Time…

Time is liquid pouring backwards and we are the ones who lick it forward, time to look into my eyes without blinking when you desperately need a way out, to get out, time for impossible language to travel us beyond these bonds made in blood spilt by inventors that feed lies, do you remember all the people you have kissed, all the times? Time…

Time to forget the reason we said yes, vulnerable manic gestures, let it be outside of time, inside our being, our coming together for a time. There is no time for me to say, precious time, go write it down, ooze all out without a need to clean up before you taste. Take all the time you need, read you time, we left, we right, upside-down, show you my scars, my indents, between us all there is no me, maybe all of us at once.

Sunday July 30th, 4pm - 6:30pm