Nostalgia for the present

Nostalgia for the Present: Two Years of LACA
Curated by Eli Diner

Opening Saturday, March 12, 7-9pm 

“The first problems arose when the first books arrived"
On the occasion of our second anniversary, writer and curator Eli Diner has put together an exhibition that goes to the heart of what LACA has been and will be. There are questions here about memory and contemporaneity, about the future of forgetting and the history of disappearance, questions like: Is there nothing they won’t preserve? What is an archive really? When will now be then? Has LACA lost its way? Part institutional history, part art exhibition, Nostalgia for the Present features specially commissioned works from artists Asha Schechter and Fiona Connor; a film and video program that speaks to the archival imagination, featuring works by Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Ben Rivers, Eleanor Antin, Lene Berg and Alain Resnais; highlights and oddities drawn from our collections; and the definitive oral history of LACA. 

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Images - Christian Alvarez