4/30/2016 to 5/7/2016

Please join us to release Simone Montemurno's Pearl Divers (Source Arrangement/Partial Archive 3) accompanied by a vitrine with related ephemera. 

Pearl Divers (Source Arrangement/Partial Archive 3) presents the narrative of a relationship via its material remains.  This book comprises a collection of postcards that the artist discovered among donated materials at the school where she works.   At first she meant to use them as art-class collage material, but she soon realized what a distinct collection she had found. The postcards attest to more than thirty years of leftist political engagement — from anti-nuclear demonstrations, women’s issues in apartheid South Africa to humor about the excesses of 1980’s politics.  The collection evinces an appreciation for the interior design of fine dining establishments and American folk art, as well as travel to Switzerland, India and Japan. This is the love story of two women as told through the arrangement/editing of their post card collection, as imagined by the artist. 

Salads will be available at sundown. 

Details on book:
Pearl Divers (Source Arrangement/Partial Archive 3),  2016
65 page color xerox artist book, 11.25 x 9.25 inches